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Keeb Sixty — Surf edition
Keeb Sixty — Surf edition
Keeb Sixty — Surf edition

Keeb Sixty — Surf edition

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The Keeb Sixty is the perfect size for office and home use. It's compact, it's sturdy, and it looks great.

We build each Keeb by hand to work great out of the box. But we know keyboards are a personal tool. So each one comes with a fully programmable layout, full-colour RGB backlighting, and a keycap puller so you can customize to your heart's content.

Surf edition

Surf has a blue top and bottom aluminum case with a mix of grey and white PBT side-printed keycaps. It comes with a rolling blue RGB lighting scheme which is fully customizable with the provided software.

What's in the box

  • Keeb Sixty mechanical keyboard
  • Mini USB to USB-A cable
  • Keycap puller

Frequently asked questions

What's the difference between all the switches?

Switches change the way your keys feel when you press them.


Our default pick. Browns are nice to type on and aren't super loud so your coworkers won't report you to HR. They have a subtle bump at the top before they activate so you get a nice tactile feel to your typing.


If you're gaming, you probably want Red switches. Reds don't have a bump — what's known as linear — and are really light so you can quickly tap your keys.


Do us a favour, only get these if you're using them at home or you work by yourself. They feel great but they're clicky and loud as heck. They're great for typing because of the clicking but, geez, they're loud. Your boyfriend or girlfriend will probably not be impressed.


These are linear switches like Reds — which means no bump at the top. They're the heaviest key to press which means, if you're a heavy typer, these might be great for you. 

What's the difference between the editions?

Nothing except for the plate colours and the keycaps. A lot of the keycaps we buy are limited run or difficult to acquire so it's possible we will have limited stock.